The essential
personal assistant for home care providers

We do your chores so you can focus on helping those in need live comfortably at home.

Your new way to manage staff & grow

Our web platform is used by care providers to simplify their job and optimize their time, giving them the capacity to help more in need.

Our Features:
Live Updating
Report Generation
Visualized Stats
Scheduling Assist
Instantaneous Alerts

More Customers

Reduced time spent on paperwork means more time to build relationships.

Happy Staff

By simplifying and optimizing their job, all staff have higher job satisfaction by spending less time doing the chores.

Improved Care

By using our platform you ensure your time and money is directed at helping people who need it most.

Secure Data

We make sure the sensitive data you handle is safe, secure and organized.

Outcome Based

Our dashboard tracks organization and individual progress and can ensure outcome-driven care.

Higher Profits

By streamlining micro tasks, your focus is on macro concepts like optimal staff management and profitability.

Peachy is Feature Rich!

Peachy simplifies tedious administrative tasks such as:


Instant real time updates on the latest activities performed by care staff


Visualize your business performance through well-crafted graphs


Get instantly notified about late or missed shifts


Generate automatic reports on the scheduled hours for each care staff


Intelligently pair care staff to clients and schedule them automatically with a click


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